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It is without a doubt that Rap and RB are continuing to play a huge role in the lives of todays youth. It doesnt take long to see the impact of these genres. A simple walk through your local mall will reveal urban musics influence on everything from societys fashion to the way we communicate. On the other hand, the impact of these music giants has had their share of negative impact as well. Its been stated that "a nation is easily destroyed through its music", and its safe to conclude that the Pied Pipers of this era are in full effect with messages promoting the use of illegal substances, relational disloyalty, hatred, and violence.
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Where are the positive music influences that are still capable of making you bounce, keep your current listeners and increase your listener base? Heres the answer: Virtual Frequency.

Virtual Frequency is a radio music source dedicated to exposing urban inspirational music through mix format, while bridging the gap between todays youth and the message of Christ. Dj Maj, host of Virtual Frequency and newly signed Gotee recording artist, has 10+ years of experience as a mix DJ and scratch percussionist. His experience in radio was first established as programmer of Street Party, a Christian rap program syndicated through the WAY~FM network from 1992 to 1997. Maj has designed this new format friendly radio program to partner with your broadcast company, as local personalitys involvement is encouraged through giveaways, announcements local Virtual Frequency liners. Show pilots are available for program directors and music directors (only) for an on air test.

For more information on getting VF in your community, please contact Fistpic Productions @ [email protected] (program directors music directors only).

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