Serious Fortress - A Modification for Serious Sam
04 - 16 - 2001 -- New Forums, More Screenshots
We have moved our forums, and are now hosting them on our own site. Check them out and register at

Also, I've added more shots of 2Fort on the maps pages.
04 - 08 - 2001 -- Screenshots!
I've started uploading screenshots! Check them out on the new maps pages. Or, jump to either 2Fort or Well using their thumbnails below.

2Fort       Well
04 - 04 - 2001 -- New Domain!
Well, we're finally situated at, and I must say, I've been waiting to get stuff up for a looong time. Expect screenshots galore soon, especially of the maps.
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Buffalo NY portable toilets
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Also, those two mapping tutorials that I've promised to upload are up, in the Tutorials section. You can also find them at PlanetSerious.
03 - 07 - 2001 -- Site Re-design!
If you've ever been here before, you'll notice big changes. I think we can all agree the site is looking a lot better!
03 - 04 - 2001 -- Class pages, Game Types updated. New forums!
Class pages and Gameplay Types have been added. Entroper has written a useful tutorial on adding new controls to the game, in the new Tutorials section. Also, we have created an EZboard where you can post comments and get up-to-date info (technically, this is up-to-date info, but I'm a lazy bastard, so the website doesn't get updated as often as things might happen ;) on the mod as it is being developed. Please visit the forums!
02 - 16 - 2001
Webpage is on the web! All links work, though some have very little information (such as most class specific pages).